Cuba: ‘Despertó el caimán’

By Jorge RamosEl periodista independiente Abraham Jiménez Enoa estaba en la azotea de su casa en La Habana tratando de conectarse para la entrevista con una videollamada en su celular. La señal del teléfono es mejor allá arriba que encerrado en su cuarto. Era lunes y la dictadura cubana estaba cortando intermitentemente la señal de […]

Voces Consulares: Let us discuss our concerns.

By Alfonso Navarro-Bernachi Maria went on a Saturday to the Consulate of Mexico to apply for a passport and I asked her whether she was already vaccinated against COVID-19. “I am not, since I had an accident” she told me when I brought up the issue and she decided not to take advantage of the […]

Celebrating Missouri’s bicentennial

Communities across Missouri have already begun commemorating the bicentennial.A dedicated Website ( offers a calendar of events. The listings can be viewed by category, county or month.The State Historical Society put together a timeline of the territory that became the 24th U.S. state. It spans seven centuries from`1250 — when the Oneota Indians, early ancestors […]