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Voces Consulares: In defense of H2A visa workers

By Adolfo Navarro-Bernachi The organization Ayuda Legal of North Carolina (ALNC) requested collaboration from the Mexican government to locate people who have worked with H2A visas in the United States, to include them as plaintiffs in a case of violation of labor rights.The possible interested parties are people who have worked for Francisco Valadez Jr. […]

Techniques can help overcome anxiety, depression, expert claims

Techniques can help overcome anxiety, depression, expert claims Since the COVID pandemic began, anxiety and depression have become more common in the United States.Recently, psychologist Carlos Gonzalez talked with Dos Mundos about anxiety and depression. Both mental health disorders “have a similar characteristic from a psychological point of view,” said Gonzalez.“Both are produced by recurring […]

New phobia emerges during pandemic

By CharaA new type of psychological condition has emerged during the COVID pandemic: coronaphobia.As multiple media outlets have reported, coronaphobia is an excessive fear of getting the COVID-19 virus. Symptoms might include anxiety, avoiding meeting family and friends, and avoiding entering public spaces in ways that hamper a person’s daily life.Martha Jimenez said she has […]

Russia makes moves to ease Ukraine tensions; U.S. remains skeptical

Russia announced Tuesday (Feb. 15) it was pulling back its troops near Ukraine and welcoming talks with the West, in an attempt to ease tensions around Ukraine, multiple media outlets reported.The United States and its allies, however, said they needed evidence of the troop movements before completely believing the threat of a Russian invasion to […]