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Editorial: Let’s re-elect Laura Kelly

Reelijamos a Laura Kelly Dos de cuatro candidatos a gobernadores de Kansas tuvieron un acalorado cara a cara el 10 de septiembre en la Feria Estatal. La demócrata, Laura Kelly, se enfrentó a su desafiante republicano, Derek Schmidt, en el primero de dos debates de campaña programados. El evento animado generó críticas porque ni el […]

Roger Ortega releases third album

By Angie BaldelomarMusician Roger Ortega — who just moved back to his native Kansas after 23 years — is releasing his third album on Sept. 30.The album, “Midwest Charm,” will debut exclusively on Ortega’s website, RogerOrtega.com, and feature about 20 songs. There’s no date yet for when the album will hit streaming platforms, but it […]

Hurricane Ian hits Cuba as it moves towards Florida

By Roberta Pardo Hurricane Ian is already wreaking havoc in the Caribbean, after hitting Cuba early Tuesday (Sept. 27) and moving its way to Florida.The hurricane made landfall just southwest of the town of La Coloma in western Cuba around 4:30 a.m. ET, with maximum sustained winds of 125 mph, according to the National Hurricane […]

First Hispanic-owned beer company in KC launches first brew

By Chara Damon Arrendondo and Edwing Mendez have become pioneers in the Kansas City area’s business community.Recently, the two founded Rizoma Liquid Creations, the area’s first known Hispanic-owned beer company.“We don’t have a brewing space,” Mendez said. “It is something that we’ve kind of been figuring out as well. Damon is the one brewing all […]