Divulgando la cultura en dos idiómas.

Marí Marín: La felicidad empieza por tu panza

Tras leer este título, rápidamente uno pensaría en lo placentero que es comer, y más si se trata de tu plato favorito o un exquisito postre. Pero, no me refiero a la satisfacción de alimentarse, sino a cómo tu estado de ánimo está relacionado a lo que pasa por tu sistema digestivo. Nos bombardean con la […]

Deportes y más deportes…04.25.24

El Clásico termina en polémicaReal Madrid le ganó 3-2 al Barcelona en una edición más del clásico español gracias a un gol de Jude Bellingham en los últimos minutos del partido.Pero el partido no terminó allí. El Barcelona pidió que se repitiera el partido si se comprueba de que la pelota, que desvió Lamine Yamal […]

Juan Gabriel recognized by National Recording Registry in Unites States

By Tere Siqueira The National Recording Registry has officially added Juan Gabriel’s 1990 recording of the song “Amor Eterno” to its list of sound recordings preserved for their artistic, cultural and/or historical significance, multiple media outlets have reported.Librarian of Congress Carla Hayden made the announcement on April 16. The recording is part of this year’s […]

Earth Day at the Westside… the Bestside!

As we celebrate volunteer week, we are so grateful for all volunteers that support the implementation of the different Westside CAN Center’s programs. This weekend we have volunteers releasing more than 12,000 bees at the Westside CAN apiary.On April 20, another amazing group came to participate on the Earth Day-City wide clean-up day! Children, youth […]

Kansas named among the states with the worst mental health care for young people

A new study has revealed the states with the worst mental health care for young people, with Oregon taking the top spot. Mental health treatment specialists at Onyx Behavioral Health analyzed 2023 data from Mental Health America on factors such as youth with at least one major depressive episode (MDE), students identifying with emotional disturbance, and […]

Family support is key to success in college

Commentary by Tere Siqueira Going to college is a significant milestone not just for students, but also for their families.Because college is a time of big changes and new challenges, family support is key for a student to make the transition from high school or the workforce to college. And everyone in the family has […]

At a glance: High school and college graduation ceremonies

By Tere SiqueiraFrom the tossing of caps to the turning of tassels, there are certain customs that are part of U.S. high school and college graduation ceremonies, including some with a Hispanic flavor.Some of those customs include the following:*Cap and gown: As multiple sources have stated, this wardrobe dates back to medieval universities in Europe. […]

Help preserve our water

Commentary by Chara Our planet has a water crisis.According to the United Nations, about 2 billion people worldwide don’t have access to safe drinking water, and roughly half the world’s population is experiencing severe water scarcity for at least part of the year. In addition, as multiple sources have pointed out, many of our planet’s […]

Luis Portillo named among Teacher of the Year cohort at KCPS

By Angie Baldelomar A Hispanic teacher has been named among the Teachers of the Year at Kansas City Public Schools (KCPS).Luis Portillo, Kansas City Virtual Academy music teacher, was recently named Teacher of the Year for the academy. According to the KCPS website, the Teacher of the Year Program “honors the educators who structure their […]

Jorge Ramos: El voto de los mexicanos en el exterior – no nos la hagan tan difícil

Somos tantos que, en una elección muy cerrada, los mexicanos en el exterior podríamos decidir quién sería el próximo presidente o presidenta del país. Pero ese escenario es poco probable. Durante décadas nos han complicado tanto el proceso para registrarnos y votar que apenas algunos miles lo hacemos en cada elección, con una influencia muy […]