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Habalando con Jessica Piedra: Courts closed – explore other options

The Kansas City Immigration Court is still closed due to the pandemic. The time is now to explore other options for your future. We can help you to find a path for your family.Due to the pandemic, the Kansas City Immigration Court closed it’s doors to hearings unless the immigrant is detained. Hundreds of hearings […]

Hablando con la abogada: Invest in your immigration case now!

The time is now to file your immigration case! Many families will be receiving tax refunds and new stimulus checks soon. What better way to improve your life than to begin your green card or citizenship process!The IRS is now accepting tax returns – file now before the April 15th deadline. If you need help […]

La columna de Jessica: Immigration is still working!

Despite being closed to the public, the Immigration service is still working on cases. They are still receiving applications from citizenship to permanent residency to DACA. Start your case now! Our office is also working hard to help our clients reach their goals. Since March 18, the Immigration Service has been closed to the public […]

La columna de Jessica Piedra: Start Your Case in the New Year!

We made it to the end of 2019! It looks like 2020 will bring new challenges and hope. Start your case before the rules change or the fees increase! Whether it is your DACA renewal, permanent residency case or US citizenship application, NOW is the time to get started! The Supreme Court will decide the […]

La columna de Jessica Piedra: DACA at Supreme Court – Renew Now!

Lawyers for both sides will present their arguments about the fate of DACA to the Supreme Court on November 12th. The program was cancelled by the President in September 2017. The courts have allowed renewals, but it all could change with the Supreme Court’s decision next Spring. DACA holders expiring in 2020 should apply to […]

La columna de Jessica Piedra: File your case now!

The rules will soon change for applications for permanent residency filed inside the United States! The new Public Charge rule will make it much more difficult for family-based cases filed after October 15th – file now to avoid these new obstacles! Permanent residency through adjustment of status is usually only available to immigrants who entered […]

La Columna de Jessica Piedra: Does the Public Charge rule affect me?

The day we have been waiting for is here – the government finalized the new Public Charge rule attacking families applying for their legal residency.  It is a serious issue, but it is important that it affects only a limited group of immigrants. Also, we are fighting back – four lawsuits have already been filed. […]

La Columna de Jessica Piedra: We all have rights

These are difficult times, my friends. The government has created new tools to detain and deport our community. We must remember that we all have rights. The constitution protects everyone – we have basic rights to limit the government’s actions. A major threat is the new Expedited Removal rule. Expedited Removal allows deportation officers (ICE/CBP) […]

La columna de Jessica Piedra: Latest News on DACA

The last months have been up and down for DACA. The Supreme Court said early in June that it would not take the case. Then they switched course and ultimately announced last Friday that they would take the case in their next session. The House of Representatives passed the DREAM and Promise Act of 2019 […]