Fine weather draws us outside

Over the past week, the mood of our yard has transitioned from Halloween to Christmas. Ours isn’t the only property lively with the activity of replacing one holiday’s decorations with another. In fact, the Christmas decorating and decorations are happily inescapable; it’s the smart thing to do, say scientists and meteorologists. Not only is it […]

Try art therapy to manage your anxiety

Commentary by Chara During stressful periods, experiencing anxiety is common. But anxiety can interfere with your daily routine if you do not act. One of the most common ways of anxiety treatment is art therapy. A report published in 2017 by the Mayo Clinic states that people over 70 years old who worked on arts […]

Shawnee Mission North senior receives scholarship opportunities

By Roberta Pardo Shawnee Mission North High School senior Jorge Luis Coromac’s family could not be more excited for him. Coromac has become one of the latest recipients of scholarship opportunities offered by the Shawnee Mission Education Foundation’s Scholarship Shawnee Mission program. Along with 600 other students of Shawnee Mission North, he recently received a […]

Joe Biden projected to be the next US President

By Angie Baldelomar After days of waiting for results, the race was finally called on Nov. 7 after Biden had secured the electoral votes needed to win, with a projected 290 votes in the Electoral College to Trump’s 214, according to The Associated Press (AP). At press time, the AP had not yet determined the […]