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Jaramillo celebrates 40 years of priesthood

Padre Jaramillo

By Angie Baldelomar

The Rev. Peter Jaramillo recently celebrated 40 years of being ordained.
On May 23, Jaramillo — pastor of All Saints Parish and St. Mary-St. Anthony Parish in Kansas City, Kansas — celebrated the milestone with a Mass at St. Mary-St. Anthony with several priests from the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas.
“Afterwards, we had a nice reception,” he said. “The parishioners brought food from their homes (such as) taquitos, barbacoa, carnitas and all that kind of stuff.”
There also was mariachi music, Jaramillo recalled. Approximately 250 people attended the celebration.
A Topeka native, Jaramillo felt called to religious service when he was 8 years old, although he did not know it was a calling then. His family was religious and he was an altar boy.
“My mother dedicated (me) since I was the firstborn of my family,” he recalled. “She gave me to the Lord; and without me knowing that, I had the feeling of the call but did not know where it was coming from until too many years later, but I felt the desire to become a priest.”
Jaramillo attributes his vocation to his grandparents.
“They brought their families into the strong Catholic environment; and I attribute my story, my vocation to the strong Catholic faith that my grandparents brought from Mexico and lived here in the United States and (how they) raised up a strong Catholic family,” he said.
Jaramillo has served the Kansas City community for 23 years.
“I’ve been blessed by the culture of our folks, our people and the joy of seeing families grow,” he said. “Particularly during this time of the pandemic, I’ve been blessed to see that people still love their faith. And people love their church, they love their community.”


El padre Jaramillo celebra 40 años de sacerdocio

El Rev. Peter Jaramillo celebró recientemente 40 años de sacerdocio.
El 23 de mayo, Jaramillo, párroco de la parroquia de Todos los Santos y St. Mary-St. Anthony en Kansas City, Kansas, celebró el hito con una misa en St. Mary-St. Anthony con varios sacerdotes de la Arquidiócesis de Kansas City en Kansas.
“Después, tuvimos una buena recepción”, dijo. “Los feligreses traían comida de sus casas (como) taquitos, barbacoa, carnitas y todo ese tipo de cosas”.
También hubo música de mariachi, recordó Jaramillo. Aproximadamente 250 personas asistieron a la celebración.
Nativo de Topeka, Jaramillo se sintió llamado al servicio religioso cuando tenía 8 años, aunque entonces no sabía que lo que sentía era un llamado. Su familia era religiosa y él era monaguillo.
“Mi madre me dedicó (al Señor) ya que fui el primogénito de mi familia”, recordó. “Ella me entregó al Señor; y sin que yo lo supiera, tuve la sensación de la llamada pero no supe de dónde venía hasta muchos años después, pero sentí el deseo de ser sacerdote”.
Jaramillo atribuye su vocación a sus abuelos.
“Criaron sus familias en un fuerte ambiente católico; y atribuyo mi historia, mi vocación a la fuerte fe católica que mis abuelos trajeron de México y vivieron aquí en Estados Unidos y (cómo ellos) formaron una familia católica fuerte”, dijo.
Jaramillo ha servido a la comunidad de Kansas City durante 23 años.
“He sido bendecido por la cultura de nuestra gente y la alegría de ver crecer a las familias”, dijo. “Particularmente durante este tiempo de la pandemia, he tenido la suerte de ver que la gente todavía ama su fe. Y la gente ama a su iglesia, ama a su comunidad”.


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