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Deportes 08.24.23

Lionel Messi hace historia en la Leagues CupLionel Messi y el Inter Miami ganaron la Leagues Cup 2023 a Nashville SC, en sus primeros dos meses en el club del sur de la Florida.Con este título, Lionel Messi levantó su título 44 y se convirtió en el jugador con más títulos en la historia, rompiendo […]

KCKPS welcomes new school year with two changes

By Angie Baldelomar Kansas City, Kansas, Public Schools (KCKPS) have started a new school year — and with it, the district has made some changes.One change was launching its virtual welcome center, a one-stop for parents to find all information about KCKPS and resources for their students, said Superintendent Dr. Anna Stubblefield.“The goal is for […]

Connections Between Generations: The fight of the new generations for the environment

By Tere Siqueira “Connections Between Generations” is a column from Dos Mundos that delves into the interaction and understanding between the different generations of the Hispanic community in Kansas City. Focused on issues that affect the youth but aimed at older generations, this column offers a unique perspective on matters that unite and, at times, […]

Florida, Arizona among great states for retirees

Commentary by Chara When it comes to retirement, one of the most important decisions you can make is choosing the state where you want to spend your golden years.Here are five of the best states to consider for retirement, each accompanied by traits that make them stand out:*Florida: It has warm weather, sandy beaches and […]

Jorge Ramos : Antes de la lucha (por el futuro de México)

El video es brutal. Uno de los cinco jóvenes, vestido con shorts y sudadera negra, es ordenado a golpear la cabeza de uno de sus amigos con piedras y un tabique. Luego le acercan lo que parece ser un machete para que lo mate. Los cinco jóvenes maniatados, inmovilizados y con señales de golpes – […]

Editorial: No power doesn’t mean powerless

Power outages are a fact of life. Twice within the past month, most recently on July 30 and before that July 14, severe storms caused customers to lose power. Thousands of metro area homes were without electricity, some for two or more days. Excessive energy consumption during heat waves can also strain power grids and […]

Many good resources for retirement planning are available

Commentary by Roberta PardoRetirement can be a daunting step in life.Retirement planning hasn’t changed much over the years, but experts warn there are some challenges for savers today that weren’t concerns for previous generations. The first big change, as stated in a 2022 CNBC article on retirement planning, is that people are living longer, meaning […]

Sobela Ocean Aquarium set to open in September

By CharaStarting on Sept. 1, Kansas City Zoo visitors will get to experience an oceanic adventure.That day, the zoo will open its Sobela Ocean Aquarium. Featuring 30-plus exhibits and six zones, the aquarium will offer “a portal to the ocean’s wonders,” including “mangrove forests, sandy shores, tropical lagoons and coral reefs,” the zoo’s website states. […]

Midwest Trust Center Kicks Off 2023-2024 Season

The Midwest Trust Center(formerly Carlsen Center) launches their 2023-2024 season with their signature variety this September.“Coming out of the gate we wanted to show our community that there is a place for them in our theatres,” reflected Executive Director, Stacie McDaniel. “From a ‘Bridgerton’ themed musical performance to new dance works with the best dance […]