Divulgando la cultura en dos idiómas.

Resources are available for navigating insulin costs

Commentary by Chara The prevalence of diabetes in the United States grows every year.The costs of managing diabetes continue to grow, too.According to the American Diabetes Association (ADA), diabetes affects more than 37 million people, with 96 million American adults living with prediabetes – a condition that might lead to diabetes, if left untreated. The […]

Editorial: Voter apathy for presidential candidates

There’s a nettlesome enthusiasm gap for the 2024 presidential election. At the heart of it is an abysmal lack of enthusiasm for the two major party presidential frontrunners. Pres. Joe Biden, the Democrat and former Pres. Donald Trump, the leading Republican remain stubbornly stuck in a persistent dead heat, according to 538/USA Today poll ending […]

Hispanics face higher risk of developing diabetes, CDC states

By Chara Hispanics face higher risk of developing diabetes, CDC states Hispanics face a higher risk of developing diabetes and complications from it than the overall U.S. population, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).The CDC states on its website that the chance of Hispanics developing type 2 diabetes is greater […]

Kansas Latino Community Network hosts luncheon with Latina leaders

Story by Angie Baldelomar and photos by Lia Caro and Michael Negrete On Oct. 25, the Kansas Latino Community Network hosted an “afternoon of networking and conversation” centered around the book “Latina Leadership Lessons,” edited by Hon. Delia Garcia.In partnership with Communities Concerned for Immigrants and Refugees, the luncheon featured not only Garcia but also other […]

Hurricane Otis death toll reaches 48; search, recovery efforts continue

By Roberta PardoAt least 48 people have died after Hurricane Otis hit the Mexican coastal state of Guerrero recently, according to a report by Mexican authorities and reported by multiple media outlets.Mexican authorities said 43 people had died in the tourist city of Acapulco, with five deaths reported in the smaller town of Coyuca de […]