Divulgando la cultura en dos idiómas.

How to prevent holiday party stress

Commentary by Chara The opportunity to host a party during the holiday season can be cause for great joy.But like other times of the year, the pressure to create a great party can produce great stress.Here are some tips that’ll help you avoid getting stressed and ensure your party is enjoyable for you and your […]

Deportes y más deportes…11.16.26

Sporting KC vs. Houston Dynamo en las semifinales de conferenciaHouston Dynamo le ganó 2-1 la serie a Real Salt Lake el pasado sábado para clasificar a las semifinales de la Conferencia Oeste de la MLS, donde lo espera el Sporting Kansas City.Esta será la cuarta vez que Kansas City disputa unas semifinales de Conferencia desde […]

Weatherization for income eligible households in Kansas

By Chara The state of Kansas offers a program called Weatherization that helps people with limited incomes make their homes more energy efficient. This program makes your home more comfortable all year round and reduces your energy bills.Weatherization is focused on keeping in the warmth during winter and the coolness during summer. By doing this […]

Practicing Contentment This Holiday Season                      

By Rachel Cruze I love Thanksgiving almost as much as I love Christmas. There’s just something about the family time, and the official kickoff to the whole holiday season that feels extra cozy and magical. But with the start of the season also comes more pressure, higher expectations, and countless opportunities to spend crazy amounts of money […]

Doors of Hope: Latino community and Mental Health

By Luciana Silva, LMSW If your child and anyone in your family is struggling with depression, please call me today. Depression does not choose your status or your background. Depression can lead to suicide thoughts. Suicide happens by impulse and by history of depression. Mental health is an important aspect of overall well-being for individuals, […]

Colombian Cultural Association Christmas celebration is set

By Tere Siqueira The Colombian Cultural Association of MO-KAN will bring touches of the South American country to the holiday season on Dec. 9, when it will host a Christmas party in Kansas City, Missouri.The festivities will run 8:30 p.m.-1:30 a.m. at Visions Reception Hall, association information states.Attendees can expect a performance by Orquesta Fusion […]

Jorge Ramos: Presidenta Maria Corina

La dictadura en Venezuela le tiene pavor a María Corina Machado. Por eso la quieren destruir antes de que gane la elección presidencial el próximo año. Para que María Corina se convierta en presidenta, primero tiene que caer la brutal y represiva tiranía de Nicolás Maduro. Eso es un reto monumental. Pero ella es una […]

Editorial: Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month

Researchers in August reported an overall decline in cancer deaths among Latinos in the U.S. The flip side to that hopeful coin is research showing that the rate of cancer screening among Hispanics remains stubbornly low. Delaying diagnosis and treatment reduces the odds of a positive prognosis and ultimate survival. This is particularly true for […]

Rebuild after Hurricane Otis

By Jorge Coromac Rebuilding a community goes beyond the infrastructure: It is about restoring hope and dignity to its inhabitants “Hurricane Otis took my roof, destroyed my home… there is no food, no water service, there is no electricity, there is so much trash, sewer system collapsed, there are still families that cannot access to […]