Divulgando la cultura en dos idiómas.

BLS provides data on highest paying jobs for women

By Chara Although there is still a pay gap difference between women and men, the difference is dwindling. According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), women earn 82 cents for every dollar earned by men. The BLS also has issued data that provides estimates of the salaries American women make in various fields, […]

Women’s Month: Llamas Fonseca finds career as a businesswoman in KC area

By Chara Tropicana owner Lucia Llamas Fonseca never thought she would stay in the United States to achieve her dream. Now, the Mexican national can’t believe what she and her family have accomplished. Llamas Fonseca first came to the United States on vacation. She chose to stay when she observed “there were big opportunities for […]

Walking on her boots: Laura Marquez – Women’s Month

By Chara Laura Marquez works in what some people might think of as a male-dominated world: the world of selling cowboy boots. Marquez hasn’t let that stop her. Marquez, who owns Marquez Boots in Kansas City, Kan., started working at age 17, selling various items. Interested in being a business owner, she decided to start […]

Center reports record number of women running for office

By Tere Siqueira There’s an unprecedented surge of first-time female candidates in upcoming elections, according to the Center for American Women and Politics at Rutgers University. More than 79 women are pursuing gubernatorial runs this year, potentially doubling a record for women candidates set in 1994, the center recently announced. Data shows the candidates are […]

Lilian Fernandez shares her sexual harassment story

By Chara Statistics show that more than half of American women have experienced unwanted, inappropriate sexual advances. In addition, statistics published recently in Fortune magazine show that 30 percent of female workers have endured such behavior from male coworkers. Lilian Fernandez, a worker at a top U.S. company, is among that 30 percent. Considering the […]

Kahlo’s iconic status is justified for many reasons

Commentary by Tere Siqueira Ask Latinos and non-Latinos alike to name a famous female Latin American artist and, chances are, one name will immediately come to mind: Mexican painter Frida Kahlo. Kahlo has become a cultural icon in recent years, particularly since the release of the 2002 biopic “Frida,” starring and co-produced by Salma Hayek. […]

Patricia Urbina: Breast cancer survivor

Interview by Tere Siqueira Dos Mundos honors October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. As a show of that support, the newspaper presents the following transcript of a recent interview with Patricia Uribe, who shared her story of being a breast cancer survivor: Dos Mundos: Tell us the story about how you got diagnosed. Patricia Urbina: […]

Limpiando los océanos

Estudio hecho por científicos mexicanos ayuda a reducir la acumulación de plástico en lagos y océanos Según los investigadores, las pequeñas perlas utilizadas popularmente en los productos de belleza e higiene tienen efectos dañinos para el medio ambiente y, posiblemente, para la salud de las personas. Los investigadores afirman que los productos con perlas de […]

Consuelo Cruz invita a la comunidad a participar en las artes

La nativa de Kansas City y empleada de la ciudad Consuelo Cruz creció en la zona de Westside y es amante de las artes y la cultura. Ese amor, además de su participación en su comunidad a una edad temprana, le llevó a elegir una carrera en las artes. “Yo participaba desde niña”, dijo Cruz. […]

María Antonia, una inspiradora cronista con una misión

Una agencia de ayuda católica local que ofrece asistencia de emergencia para las necesidades básicas y apoya la interde-pendencia de las mismas, por parte de la población de bajos recursos de la ciudad durante 45 años. Conocido desde 1994 como el Centro Bishop Sullivan, la organización sin fines de lucro opera dos bancos de alimentos, […]