Teachers struggle during COVID-19 pandemia

By Chara Teachers are considered our guides while we grow up and help us through different stages. They teach us new things, understand us and provide guidance. As many other members of the society, teachers are also struggling because of the COVID-19 pandemia and they are trying to find ways to help all their students. […]

Some meat processing plants closing due to coronavirus

By Roberta Pardo Concerns about the U.S. food chain supply made headlines this week, as more meat processing and packaging plants are closing temporarily due to coronavirus outbreaks. Some of the country’s largest processing plants and slaughterhouses have been forced to suspend operations temporarily after thousands of employees have tested positive for COVID-19. Pork processing […]

JoCo health department organizes COVID-19 testing site for essential workers

By Angie Baldelomar The Johnson County (Kansas) Department of Health and Environment (JCDHE) hosted a drive-thru clinic testing for COVID-19 for essential workers on April 17 as part of its ongoing plan to gather as much data about the coronavirus pandemic as possible. Essential workers included first responders without symptoms, hospice workers, individuals that provide […]

Area coronavirus patient shares her recovery story

Interview by Tere Siqueira Antonia Maciel is among those people who have contracted the coronavirus (COVID-19). She also is among those people who have recovered from it. Recently, the Kansas City area resident and mother of four, who got infected at work, shared her insights about overcoming COVID-19. Dos Mundos: Share with us your experience […]

Free meals for children and adults Part 1

To help ease the burden the COVID-19 pandemic is putting on families across the country, many organizations are offering free meals for children and adults. In the Kansas City metro area, schools are also joining in on this effort. Some of these organizations and schools providing free meals are: Kansas Kansas City, KS Public Schools […]

Mandato de quedarse en casa FAQ con Aude Negrete.

Aude Negrete

  Dos Mundos habló con Aude Negrete, directora ejecutiva de la Kansas Hispanic & Latino American Affairs Commission, sobre el mandato de quedarse en casa, que la gobernadora Kelly extendió hasta el 3 de mayo. Para cualquier pregunta sobre el COVID-19, pueden comunicarse a la línea directa 1-866-534-3463.

How to reduce anxiety and stress

Commentary by Tere Siqueira Anxiety and stress disorders are the most pervasive mental disorders in the United States, according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America. Fortunately, there are many ways to help reduce anxiety and stress. If you are fighting an anxiety or a stress disorder, here are some management methods you might […]

Please, parents, stay home – for your children’s sake

Commentary by Chara Note: This letter is for all those parents who are not staying home and following the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines. Hello, Dad and Mom: Do you remember all those times I was sick and asked you to go out to be with my friends, but you said […]

How to cope with stress and anxiety during the pandemic

Commentary by Chara The coronavirus outbreak is stressful for people worldwide. No doubt, the worry people are feeling about health and financial issues is disrupting sleeping and eating patterns, thus causing mental and physical health problems, including the abuse of alcohol, tobacco and/or other drugs. Do not let the stress of the pandemic lead you […]

How to boost your immune system

By Chara It is always important to take precautions to avoid getting sick. But it is particularly important during this coronavirus pandemic. One way to keep yourself healthy is by boosting your immune system. Here are some tips to help you boost your immune system – and thus, protect yourself and others around you: *Exercise: […]