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Street talk: The police and mass shootings in the United States

By Tere Siqueira In 2017, U.S. police officers killed 1,129 people – more casualties than the total number of U.S. soldiers killed in action worldwide. In addition, statistics show there are more mass shootings in the United States than anywhere in the world. Recently, Dos Mundos asked some people why they think that many Americans […]

Hormonal contraceptives linked to breast cancer, study shows

Women might want to think twice before using hormonal contraception, particularly oral contraception. A recent study from the University of Copenhagen found that hormonal contraception increases the risk of developing breast cancer by up to 38 percent. The study analyzed data of 1,797,932 women younger than 50 years old. Of the women studied, 60 percent […]

Remembering 2017: The year in science, medicine and health

Many scientific-, medicine- and health-related phenomena and discoveries made the news during 2017. Some of the memorable events and findings in science, medicine and health included the following: *The Great American Eclipse: On Aug. 21, millions of Americans experienced the first solar eclipse to create a coast-to-coast path of totality since 1918. *Farewell to the […]

Mexímetro 01.04.18

12/28/17 El ex secretario general del PRI en Chihuahua fue arrestado y sometido a juicio pues se le culpa de desviar fondos públicos hasta por $1.7 millones de pesos. El hombre ya fue arrestado y un juez del estado de Chihuahua podría dictarle sentencia dentro de las próximas horas. 12/29/17 Un hombre fue ejecutado a […]

María Marín: 5 Reglas para el 2018

La resolución de Año Nuevo más popular que siempre ha existido es bajar de peso y ponerse en forma. Por eso, este mes, todos los gimnasios están repletos de personas muy animadas cargando sus toallas, botellitas de agua y nuevos atuendos para hacer ejercicios. Todo el mundo comienza súper entusiasmado pero la triste realidad es […]

How to live healthier in 2018

Commentary by Yanis De Palma If you’re like most people, you’ve made New Year’s resolutions. And some of them are probably health-related. To welcome in 2018, here are some tips for living a healthier life as you pursue your health-oriented resolutions: *Improve your sleeping habits: Most people state that they suffer from sleep problems. Try […]

How to create an effective to-do list

There’s always something to keep us busy, whether it’s a big project at work, taking our children to school, making dinner or keeping up with housework. Many people create to-do lists to help organize their days and accomplish their goals. Although this can be helpful, a list can quickly become overwhelming. Here are a few […]