Normalizing marijuana: Public attitudes are changing

By Tere Siqueira Attitudes toward marijuana seem to be changing. Those attitudes might lead to more countries legalizing marijuana – a change that could affect countries like Mexico. According to the United Nations, 158.8 million people around the world use marijuana. That is more than 3.8 percent of the planet’s population. And more than 94 […]

Mexímetro – Noticias de México

By Chara 01/15/20 Autoridades de Monterrey, Nuevo León, investigan un asesinato que ocurrió en la Col. Mártires de Tlatelolco. Según versiones de las autoridades, dos hombres llegaron y atacaron a la víctima. Autoridades no han revelado más información del incidente ni la identidad de la víctima pero ya se investigan los hechos. 01/16/20 Una mujer […]

Headed Back to School?

By Jean Chatzky There’s plenty of financial help out there if you know where to look It’s one of the questions I get asked most often: Do you save for your children to attend college or for your retirement? The answer is the latter — because there’s plenty of financial aid for college but no financial aidfor retirement. […]

Many Millennials With College Debt

By Kent Allen, AARP, Vast majority would make one or more different choices for scholarship, school or major If they had it to do over again, the vast majority of millennials who have had or still have college loan debt would change one or more major choices they made when they began school, according to […]

Nikkie Tutorials revela que es una mujer transgénero

Nikkie de Jager es una popular Youtuber estadounidense que ha entretenido a sus seguidores con increíbles tips de belleza y asombrosos tutoriales de maquillaje por más de 10 años y actualmente posee en su canal de Youtube más de 12 millones de suscriptores en todo el mundo. En esta ocasión la famosa youtuber se encuentra […]

Local Latina requesting help with physical therapy expenses

By Chara Kansas City area resident Zoila Guzman is suffering the physical consequences of physical and emotional stress. And she is seeking the community’s help to manage those consequences. In 2016, Guzman was working for an area staffing company, where she handled restaurant and hotel accounts. In addition, she oversaw payroll and recruiting. “I was […]

Money-Saving Tips From the Masters | Part 1

Experts rate the effectiveness of 34 popular ways to save By AARP Everybody has advice about how you can cut expenses and build wealth, but which of these tactics are truly helpful? To find out, we asked more than 20 certified financial planners, authors and frugality bloggers to rate 34 common savings tips on a […]