Divulgando la cultura en dos idiómas.

María Marín: Aumenta el maltrato de mujeres: ¿Eres una de ellas?

Viajé a Puerto Rico para celebrar Thanksgiving y cuando tomé el avión, se sentó a mi lado un profesor retirado. Comenzamos a conversar sobre cosas que extrañamos de nuestra isla y terminamos hablando sobre problemas sociales que tristemente nos arropan, como la violencia en contra la mujer. Me contó sobre el reciente caso de un […]

Area teachers feeling overwhelmed this school year, educator claims

By CharaReturning to in-class instruction has not been easy for many Kansas City area teachers, staff members and students.“Unfortunately, this year has been quite the opposite from (the) last,” said an area teacher, who requested anonymity. “For myself, a teacher who taught in person during a pandemic, I find this year more mentally and emotionally […]

Cyberbullying cases on the rise

By Roberta PardoWith kids spending more time online than ever, cyberbullying has increased because of the COVID-19 pandemic forcing schools to go online. In fact, many teachers are witnessing an increase in cyberbullying among their students in online classrooms, according to EdTech Magazine.Cyberbullying is described as “bullying that takes place over digital devices like cell […]

Cómo lidiar con el divorcio

Commentary by Chara Para algunas parejas, divorciarse es una de las mejores decisiones que pueden tomar para ellos y sus familias.También es una de las decisiones más dolorosas que pueden tomar.Puede llevar mucho tiempo recuperarse de un divorcio. Aún así, este difícil período de la vida es algo que se puede superar. Si está pasando […]

To parents with children headed for college, relax

Commentary by CharaWith more Americans getting vaccinated, many colleges and universities in Kansas and Missouri are planning for their students to take at least some classes on campus – a situation that might seem painful for parents who have gotten used to their children being at home during the COVID-19 pandemic.If you are in that […]

Silva Sevilla recounts daughter’s journey through depression

By Angie Baldelomar Patricia Silva Sevilla remembers the day she found out her daughter, Samantha, was being bullied.It was during Samantha’s seventh-grade year. Silva Sevilla had noticed the changes in Samantha’s behavior. Samantha was quieter and stayed in her room, and started wearing long sleeves, even during the summer heat.Silva Sevilla asked her daughter one […]

Pecina shares son’s story to raise awareness about suicide

By Angie Baldelomar Uziel Melgoza Pecina Jr. was a smart kid.And he was always busy, whether as an Eagle Scout or as a specialized soldier in combat engineering for the Army Reserve.“He was so confident,” his mother, Adriana Pecina, said. “He was very talented and he was good-looking and he was a great dancer and […]

Psychologist offers tips to help kids develop social skills

By Angie Baldelomar Even as schools try to get back to in-person instruction, many students continue to learn remotely.And some parents worry that remote learning might be having an impact on their children’s development of social skills. But school psychologist Scott Fluke, who works for Olathe (Kansas) Public Schools, said it is too early to […]

SMSD develops students’ social, emotional skills during pandemic

By Angie Baldelomar The pandemic has changed people’s lives.For students, it has forced them to make the transition from in-person to remote learning. Although online learning has brought several challenges, including technological ones, one of the biggest might be the development of students’ social and emotional skills.The Shawnee Mission School District (SMSD) in Johnson County, […]

Voces Consulares: What should I know about mental health?

Discussing mental health can be complicated because among us, our friends, family, colleagues or even in our own home there may be prejudices and obstacles preventing us from taking care of ourselves beyond our physical health, such as fear of asking for help or expressing feelings such as sadness or crying.Mental health is “a state […]