Divulgando la cultura en dos idiómas.

How to Avoid Tech Neck

By Bara Vaida, AARP You may love your digital devices, but your neck may not. Try these five strategies to help avoid pain and stiffness. When you spend hours scrolling on your digital device on a couch, you are likely holding your head forward and down. It is a position that the neck can manage for […]

Jorge Ramos: Del dedazo a las corcholatas

Muchos de los presidentes en México han sido impuestos. Por fraude. Por trampas, Por la fuerza bruta. Por corrupción. Pero ahora quiero creer que millones de mexicanos no permitirían que eso volviera a ocurrir. Aunque el sistema para elegir candidatos presidenciales en México ha pasado del dedazo a las “corcholatas”, confío en que el próximo […]

Deportes y más deportes… 07.06.23

Catar da la sorpresa y estrella el ‘Lambor-Jimmy’Catar dio la sorpresa en la Copa Oro al clasificar a los cuartos de final del torneo tras ganar por 1-0 a México, que, tras golear en sus primeros dos partidos de la fase de grupos, no pudo doblegar a la férrea defensa catarí.El equipo de Jaime Lozano […]

Supreme Court strikes down student loan relief plan

By Roberta Pardo On June 29, the U.S. Supreme Court nullified President Biden’s student loan debt relief plan, as multiple media outlets reported.Ruling 6-3, the court declared the plan was an unlawful exercise of presidential power because it had not been explicitly approved by Congress.The court rebuffed arguments by Biden’s administration that the 2003 Higher […]

Olathe Public Schools offers summer program for migrant students

By Chara In June, a suburban school district in Kansas offered an initiative designed to provide literacy and engaging activities to some migrant students.From June 12 to 30, Olathe Public Schools provided the Migrant Education Summer Program for two age groups: prekindergarten through the fifth grade and grades 6-12. The younger students received a weekly […]

Editorial: Clean it up

Kansas City taxpayers rightly expect their municipal government’s public works department to build and maintain streets, sidewalks, bridges and parking infrastructure and to regularly remove solid waste (trash and recycling). That isn’t happening equivalently across Kansas City neighborhoods as evidenced in random cruises through various parts of the city. Taxpayers there aren’t getting their money’s […]

AI offers great potential – and not-so-great potential

Commentary by Chara Artificial intelligence (AI) has enormous potential to help humankind.It also has enormous potential to harm humankind.As defined on IBM’s website, AI “is the science and engineering of making intelligent machines, especially intelligent computer programs. It is related to the similar task of using computers to understand human intelligence, but AI does not […]

Arts Integration Symposium set for July

By Chara Kansas/Missouri Kennedy Center Partners in Education recently announced the dates for the 2023 Arts Integration Symposium.Set for July 18-19, the symposium will take place at the Kauffman Foundation Conference Center in Kansas City, Missouri. The event aims “to explore the profound impact of the arts in engaging students, enhancing comprehension and bringing content […]

Reyes Ramirez unveils magic in ‘Parade of Hearts’ installation

By Chara Reyes Ramirez unveils magic in ‘Parade of Hearts’ installationWhen Socorro Reyes Ramirez’s application to contribute to the latest “Parade of Hearts” art installation/fundraising campaign was accepted, she decided to create a design with a magical perspective.Titled “The Seven Magic Animals,” Reyes Ramirez’s piece is located at North Oak Trafficway in Kansas City, Missouri. […]