Divulgando la cultura en dos idiómas.

Día de la Tierra, ¿cómo celebrarlo?

Nosotros mismos, y al margen de sumarnos a los actos que se organizan en todos los países, podemos celebrar El día de la Tierra de una forma ecológica y de manera particular. ¿Qué podemos hacer? Pues podemos realizar pequeños actos que en realidad conformen grandes actos. Aquí les dejamos con algunos consejos que puedes llevar […]

Factors to Consider When Moving to a New City

Guest Post Hire A Helper Saying sayonara to your humble abode in search of new opportunities and a change of scenery? You’re not alone—the average American moves eleven times in their lifetime. Finding a new city to live in comes with inherent challenges, but it doesn’t have to be a triathlon of how much stress you can endure. This […]

Bioplastics use on the rise as people demand greener alternatives

By Roberta Pardo With an ever-increasing need to address the damage plastic is doing to the world’s oceans, scientists are trying to find alternative greener plastics – a.k.a., bioplastics. Bioplastics are plastics made from plant sources such as sugar cane, sweet potato, hemp oil, cornstarch and soybean oil, rather than petroleum. According to industry experts, […]

Latinos continue observing Rosca de Reyes traditions

By Chara For many Latinos, the observance of Christmas traditions will continue beyond Christmas Day (Dec. 25). Rosca de Reyes (Three Kings Day) is a Christmas-related holiday. Observed each year on Jan. 6, when many non-Latin Christians celebrate the Epiphany, it is common in many parts of Latin America, including Mexico. On Rosca de Reyes, […]

‘I’m afraid you have humans’ – Part 1

The irony of this old New Yorker cartoon by Eric Lewis is so precise I haven’t been able to get it out of my head for two years. The speaker is the planet Saturn, clad in doctor’s garb — a stethoscope circling his forehead — giving the bad news to a sick and miserable-looking Earth: “I’m afraid […]

How to Dress For A Do-It-All Fall

By NAPSI As the weather begins to cool, you cozy up-gathering friends and family for tailgating before the big game, baking, and bonfires. Here’s to coming together for feel-good moments with your favorite people. And the versatile outfits that make you look and feel even more amazing. Discover the wardrobe essentials you need to mix, […]

Researchers discover trees might have a “heartbeat”

By Roberta Pardo Trees might have something in common with humans: a “heartbeat.” A recent study published by Aarhus University in Denmark found that at least some trees seem to have a “heartbeat” that has a similar purpose to a human’s — pumping fluid throughout the tree’s “body.” The key difference between a human’s pulse […]

Mexican offering possible solution to Sargassum seaweed problem

By Chara Omar Vazquez Sanchez might have a solution to sargassum seaweed problem. Seaweed is accumulating on beaches. According to a story published recently by Forbes, more than 650,000 tons of algae have washed up on shore in Cancun this year alone. As Forbes also reported, Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has contributed more […]

Animal rights legislation could get stricter in Australia

By Chara  Canberra, Australia, residents could face thousands of dollars in fines, even jail time, for forgetting to walk their dogs, yelling at their dogs or caging a dog for failure to behave. Legislation has been proposed in Australia’s capital city to impose a fine of up to $4,000 in Australian dollars ($2,800 in U.S. currency) […]

Travel and Vacation: Plan a Stress-Free Group Getaway

The arrival of vacation season means it’s time to stop daydreaming about that getaway and start making some travel plans. Getting organized for a grand adventure, especially if you’ll be traveling with a group, requires some careful planning before you begin making reservations. Get started planning your dream vacation with these travel tips from the […]