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María Marín: Cómo evitar el estrés navideño

Si hay algo que dice mucha gente al finalizar la Navidad es que el próximo año planificarán todo con tiempo para evitar el estrés que genera lo que se supone sea la época más bonita del año. Pero diciembre tras diciembre, vuelven a experimentar la falta de paz mental.Y si este año te volvió a […]

How to Avoid Tech Neck

By Bara Vaida, AARP You may love your digital devices, but your neck may not. Try these five strategies to help avoid pain and stiffness. When you spend hours scrolling on your digital device on a couch, you are likely holding your head forward and down. It is a position that the neck can manage for […]

Initiative aims to overcome obstacles to CPR in Latino community

By Chara In the Latino community, fear and language barriers often prevent individuals from providing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), a life-saving first-aid technique used when someone goes into cardiac arrest.Various organizations are trying to address those issues.One such organization is the University of Virginia Latino Health Initiative (LHI). As the American Heart Association (AHA) reported in […]

How to protect yourself from the heat

Commentary By Chara The heat can significantly affect you.Prolonged exposure to extreme heat and sunlight puts a strain on your body as it works to regulate your temperature. Therefore, it’s important to take care of yourself when working in conditions of extreme heat or temperature. To ensure your safety during extreme temperatures, try following these […]

New Announcements About COVID-19 from the Unified Government Public Health Department (UGPHD)

The Unified Government Public Health Department (UGPHD) is alerting the public to two key announcements regarding COVID-19 in the United States:*First, the Federal COVID-19 Public Health Emergency declaration will expire at the end of the day on May 11th.*Second, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced new, simplified recommendations about COVID vaccines […]

Toda la información que necesita saber sobre el consumo de marihuana y la salud cardiovascular

Según la American Heart Association, el consumo de marihuana está científicamente relacionado con un mayor riesgo de sufrir enfermedades cardiovasculares, así como ataques cardíacos y derrames cerebrales.  DALLAS, 18 de abril de 2023 — La legalización de la marihuana, tanto para uso médico como recreativo, se extiende cada vez más en los EE. UU. La American Heart […]

MyPlate.gov helpful for creating balanced meals

Commentary by Chara It can be challenging to eat a balanced meal.Fortunately, there are websites that are helpful in creating nutritionally balanced meals. An excellent one is MyPlate.gov.Offered through the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the website helps you organize your plates of food through tools that allow you to set goals, find healthy recipes and […]

Obesity rates continue increasing in U.S.

By Tere Siqueira Percentages top 40 percent for most races/ethnicitiesObesity is a growing public health concern in the United States, particularly among minority communities – and a recent study shows it has a disproportionate impact on minority communities.Statistics from the “2022 State of Obesity” report indicate that obesity rates vary among U.S. racial and ethnic […]

Self-medication carries many risks

Commentary by Tere Siqueira Self-medication is a bad habit that can have serious consequences.Self-medication is defined by the World Health Organization (WHO) as “the use of medicinal products by the consumer to treat self-recognized disorders or symptoms, or the intermittent or continued use of a medication prescribed by a physician for chronic or recurring diseases […]

More Latino doctors needed

Se necesitan más médicos latinos No hay suficientes médicos latinos en Estados Unidos. Eso es inaceptable.Los problemas derivados de la falta de médicos latinos son hechos cotidianos. Muchos latinos en Estados Unidos evitan ir al médico o compartir artículos relacionados con su salud porque no tienen confianza en sus médicos o por las diferencias de […]