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Get used to new way of traveling

Commentary by Tere Siqueira In a COVID-19 world, it is essential to learn a new way of traveling.The World Travel and Tourism Council has developed an extensive range of protocols to cover the new normal for providers as diverse as airlines, shops, hotels and restaurants. Travelers must get used to following those protocols. If you […]

CDC issues travel recommendations for fully vaccinated people

By Chara On April 2, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued new travel guidelines for people who have received the COVID-19 vaccine.People are considered fully vaccinated once they have received their two shots of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, or 1 shot of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, and have waited two […]

Put Your Home To Work This Winter

By NAPSI Here’s an idea many homeowners may warm to: Rent out your place as a vacation home. With vacation rentals becoming a preferred choice for travelers and their families, homeowners can realize the financial benefits of renting their homes when they’re not in use. In fact, a recent report shows that over half of […]

Wonderful World: Discover Istanbul

By Tom Sawyer Welcome tourists! This time we have to talk about an old Turkish city that has been part of world history. Thousands of years ago it was known as Byzantium and then it changed its name to Constantinople. Of course we mean Istanbul, Turkey. Founded in 667 B.C., it has about 15 million […]

Travel and Vacation 2019: Stay Safe on the Road this Summer

5 warm weather tire safety tips When it comes to staying safe on the roads – whether you’re traveling cross-country or just across town – routinely checking the condition of your tires can be imperative. While variables like road and weather conditions can also impact safety, it’s important to remember your tires are the only […]

Travel and Vacation: Plan a Stress-Free Group Getaway

The arrival of vacation season means it’s time to stop daydreaming about that getaway and start making some travel plans. Getting organized for a grand adventure, especially if you’ll be traveling with a group, requires some careful planning before you begin making reservations. Get started planning your dream vacation with these travel tips from the […]

Travel and Vacation 2019: Find a Hotel to Fit Your Travel Needs

By Family Features When most people plan a trip, the focus is on the purpose of the journey, whether it’s a work-related jaunt or a vacation with loved ones. Researching and organizing travel for an upcoming trip is important, but so is finding the perfect place to make your journey easier, more productive and successful. […]

Travel and Vacation: Bucket List Travel Destinations for 2019

Taking time to go on vacation or to just unplug from everyday life can be beneficial, and there’s certainly no lack of options when it comes to choosing an ideal vacation spot. The options for experiencing an amazing vacation are so plentiful, such as exploring a cruise port, eating and drinking your way around a […]

Spring: Break Away for a Spring Travel Adventure

Spring is the perfect time of year to break away from everyday life for a journey to a new destination. Across the country, the climate tends to be moderate, so you can take in a wide range of activities for a fun-filled getaway. One challenge of planning a trip is finding things to do that […]