Divulgando la cultura en dos idiómas.

KC Chiefs face defeat against Buffalo Bills in Week 6

Sunday was an exciting back-and-forth game between two great AFC football teams, as expected by the NFL. The Bills had a fumble on their opening drive which ignited Chiefs fans early in the 1st quarter.  However, the Chiefs responded with a turnover of their own with an interception.  With no scoring by either team in […]

Deportes y más deportes….10.20.22

Benzema de Oro Por fin se le hizo. Tras 14 temporadas en el Real Madrid donde fue testigo de los cinco premios que se llevó Cristiano Ronaldo, ahora en el Manchester United, Karim Benzema ganó el Balón de Oro 2022. El francés tuvo una temporada de ensueño. En la temporada 2021-22, que mide el desempeño […]

Missourians to vote on constitutional convention

On Nov. 8, voters in Missouri will decide whether to hold another constitutional convention to draft a new state constitution or propose amendments to the current 208-page constitution. The ballot question, which reads: “Shall there be a convention to revise and amend the (state) Constitution?” appears on the ballot every 20 years as required by […]

Betty Velazquez: The fight goes on

Let me tell you the story of my cousin Betty.My cousin, Bertha Velazquez (nicknamed “Betty”), has been a woman that has fought hard in life. She has always met her goals with honesty. She has been in the education field. She is a single mother who has dedicated her life completely to her only true […]

Editorial: Being a victim – no thanks!

Excelsior Springs police are searching a property. They’ve left with dozens of plastic trash bags, neighbors tell reporters.A 911 call on Oct. 6 set off the investigation. A woman wearing a plastic trash bag and a padlocked metal animal collar told police that she’d been held captive since September and repeatedly raped and tortured by […]

Esparza overcomes bullying

Erik Esparza spent his childhood and most of his adolescence as a victim of bullying.As an adult, in observance of October as National Bullying Prevention Month, Esparza is sharing how he was bullied and how he survived it with Dos Mundos.Even when he was too young to question his sexual identity, Esparza was attacked for […]

Reyes Media to host Trunk or Treat

Reyes Media Group (RMG), La Grande 1340 am and Dos Mundos Newspaper team, along with Sun Fresh is planning to celebrate an upcoming holiday event while giving back to Kansas City area readers and listeners of the company’s radio programming.In observance of Halloween (Oct. 31), RMG will host its annual Trunk or Treat from 4 […]

100 years of Guadalupe: A history of the Westside’s Hispanic staple

100 años del Guadalupe Shrine en KC Una breve historia de la icónica iglesia hispana del Westside El Santuario de la Virgen de Guadalupe está celebrando 100 años.No de la instalación en sí. Más bien, de su ceremonia de dedicación.Un lugar icónico de la comunidad de Westside en Kansas City, Missouri, la parroquia se estableció […]