For some, snow days = missed meals

More than 11 million – 17.9 percent — of all kids in the U.S. experience food insecurity, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). Kids in our area fare even worse. In Missouri and Kansas, 18.6 percent and 19.2 percent of kids, respectively, suffer from limited or uncertain access to an adequate amount of […]

Australian wildlife’s fiery Armageddon

Horrific images of burned and burning animals are emerging from Australia where historic bushfires are still incinerating everything in their paths. The devastation is so epic that life on the island continent is forever altered, and recovery will take a century or more, not decades, scientists calculate. Fueled by record heat waves and a drought […]

Farm Workforce Modernization Act

America’s farmers, who feed America and much of the rest of the world, face unique challenges. Their success depends on factors largely beyond their control – factors such as labor, weather, disease, prices and pests. Help may be on the horizon, however, to ease the stress of an erratic, inadequate labor pool. House Democrats and […]

Foreshadowings: paid parental leave

Beginning later this year, some 2.1 million U.S. workers will have access to 12 weeks of paid parental leave. On Dec. 20, President Trump signed into law the National Defense Authorization Act. Set in the $738 billion defense bill was a provision granting most civilian federal employees time off after the birth, adoption or foster […]

New year, new goals, new triumphs

Now that the gifts have all been delivered and opened, our attention naturally shifts to New Year’s celebrations and our ever-present, persistent desire for self-improvement. Nearly half of us make New Year’s resolutions, studies suggest. But despite the strength of our intentions, willpower, like muscle, has biological limitations. It’s one of several reasons why fewer […]

New year, new decade, new direction

Next Wednesday we welcome a new year and a brand new decade — despite the age-old debate over when a decade really begins and ends. The argument lacks scientific or authoritative consensus, but reflections on the best and worst of the decade and ideas for ceremoniously retiring the 2010s are ubiquitous. According to lead editor […]

Giving & getting the gift of companionship

Much of America is preoccupied with preparations for the impending holiday. Next Wednesday is Christmas. Shopping, giftwrapping, baking, reaching out and getting ready rule. For this most special day of the year, second in importance only to Easter on the Christian calendar, the heart and soul of observances are kinship, fellowship and tradition – in […]

Abandoning kids aging out of foster care

Una de mis nietas se graduó de la secundaria (o preparatoria) en mayo. Dos meses después, se matriculó en la universidad. Durante los meses previos a su graduación, Angie estudió lo que las universidades tenían para ofrecer, se reunió con su consejero escolar, solicitó paquetes de admisión para las escuelas que le interesaban y recorrió […]

Black market for body parts

Last month in India, an American nonprofit received a prestigious international award. The Mumbai-based Harmony Foundation presented a 2019 Mother Teresa Memorial Award for Social Justice to Doctors Against Forced Organ Harvesting (DAFOH). A physician, Torsten Trey, founded DAFOH in 2006 after learning that China’s communist regime was harvesting organs from prisoners. The Washington, D.C.-based […]

On legalizing DACA recipients

The DACA program could expire in January, effectively bringing to a bitter, unfortunate end the temporary legal status of some 700,000 youthful immigrants, call a halt to promising careers and hamstring some U.S. companies. On Nov. 12, U.S. Supreme Court justices heard oral arguments on whether the Trump administration can end the Deferred Action for […]