Divulgando la cultura en dos idiómas.

María Marín: Mi encuentro con la princesa Kate en el Río Nilo

Sabía que el pasado 23 de marzo sería un día inolvidable cuando en mi recorrido por Egipto con 41 de mis segudoras, pudiera conocer el histórico y majestuoso río Nilo. Lo que jamás imaginé fue que la transmisión de una noticia mundial marcaría el recuerdo de ese paseo.Escuché a una de las viajeras de mi […]

Try art therapy to manage your anxiety

Commentary by Chara During stressful periods, experiencing anxiety is common. But anxiety can interfere with your daily routine if you do not act. One of the most common ways of anxiety treatment is art therapy. A report published in 2017 by the Mayo Clinic states that people over 70 years old who worked on arts […]

KCK Chamber launches new women’s division

By Angie Baldelomar The Kansas City, Kansas, Chamber of Commerce has announced a new division geared specifically toward women. The KCK Women’s Chamber Network (WCN) is focused on offering education, networking and mentoring opportunities for women at all levels of business. After the 100-year-old KCK Women’s Chamber of Commerce was dissolved earlier this year, Cathy […]

Mother shares experience with son’s type 1 diabetes diagnosis

By Angie Baldelomar Maria Orona’s life was forever changed when her 9-year-old son, Ramon, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Almost three months ago, Ramon lost 30 pounds in a month. Orona noticed he drank a 24-pack of water within two days. He also was having trouble sleeping. She took her son to his doctor. […]

Area veteran recalls military service as Veteran’s Day approaches

By Angie Baldelomar When he was a sophomore in high school, Michael Alvarado told his parents he was going to enlist in the Navy as soon as he graduated high school. Coming from a military family, it seemed like the inevitable path for him. Alvarado enlisted in 1975 when he was a senior. He graduated […]

Wonderful World: Discover Budapest

By Tom Sawyer Welcome tourists! In this edition, we have to talk about the capital of a European country that is considered as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. We are talking about Budapest, Hungary. The city was founded in 1873, after unifying the cities of Buda and Pest. It has a population […]

BIDEN VS. TRUMP The ultimate battle

No winner yet, but Biden pulls ahead By Angie Baldelomar A full day after Election Day, neither candidate had reached the 270 Electoral College votes needed to win the White House. At press time, Democrat Joe Biden was ahead with 264 electoral votes, winning key battleground states like Wisconsin, Michigan and Arizona, according to the […]

Two Latinas part of the onscreen talent at area TV station

By Angie Baldelomar Two Latinas are part of the English-speaking broadcast media landscape in the Kansas City area. Leslie Aguilar, a reporter at KCTV-5, has worked since 2018 at the station. Originally from Texas, Aguilar moved to the Kansas City area, looking to experience new environments. Because she had grown up in a state heavily […]

Wonderful World: Discover Asheville

By Tom Sawyer Welcome tourists! In this edition, we have to talk about a city in the United States that has a unique natural beauty and is surrounded by the wonderful Appalachian Mountains. We are talking about Asheville, North Carolina. The city was founded in 1798 and has around 70,000 inhabitants. The name of the […]

KC area artist working on documentary exploring Mexican culture

By Angie Baldelomar Kansas City area artist Hugo Ximello-Salido is working on a documentary that aims to celebrate and explore Mexican culture through art. The documentary will focus on the Muxes, one-of-a-kind individuals who are assigned male identities at birth but grow up to dress and behave in ways traditionally associated with women. The Muxes […]