Divulgando la cultura en dos idiómas.

Venegas elevates Mexican heritage through her art

By Angie Baldelomar Artist Italia Venegas’ work reflects her Mexican heritage and experiences growing up in Mexico.“I definitely try to explore my identity as a Latina raised in Mexico,” she said. “I have focused on exploring themes that resonate with my cultural background and that celebrate my heritage and experiences.”Born in El Paso, Texas, Venegas […]

Munoz keeping Chicano arts alive

By Tere SiqueiraEach March, to honor Women’s History Month, Dos Mundos honors Latinas whose accomplishments have helped and/or inspired the community. One of this year’s eight honorees is Deanna Munoz (Muñoz in Spanish), CEO and founder of the Latino Arts Foundation, and the founder of the Midwest Chicana Brand. Munoz, who worked for Hallmark for 15 years and […]

Raymer Reyes helps recently arrived children transition to United States

By Angie Baldelomar When Cynthia Raymer thought of becoming a teacher, she never imagined she would serve such a specific population.An Overland Park native, Raymer is a teacher for newcomer students at Kansas City International Academy, a charter school in Kansas City, Missouri.“What that means is, I am serving students who have newly entered the […]

Negrete works to help Hispanics become civically engaged

By Angie Baldelomar Wanting to be at the table where decisions were made was the driving force in Aude Negrete’s career.Born and raised in Mexico City, Negrete was raised in a “bilingual and bicultural environment,” she recalled. She credited that with sparking her interest in public service and politics.“That really opened my eyes to just […]

Faith moves Cabral to help others find God

Dos Mundos Women’s History Month honoree Jessica Cabral has found her life’s purpose: to help others get close to God and find happiness through him.Born in Chihuahua, Mexico, Cabral works as the director of religious education at Blessed Sacrament Parish in Kansas City, Kansas.“It is an honor to work helping the community,” she said. “I […]

Women’s History Month: Nino continues embracing life at age 90

By Chara Dos Mundos Women’s History Month honoree Alba Nino (Niño in Spanish) loves her life.A native of Colombia, Nino moved to the United States with her husband, Numael Nino, to whom she was married for 34 years until his death. The economic situation in Colombia forced them to find a better quality of life, […]

Women’s History Month: Piedra empowering immigrants through the law

By Tere Siqueira Each March, to honor Women’s History Month, Dos Mundos honors Latinas whose accomplishments have helped and/or inspired the community. One of this year’s eight honorees is Jessica Piedra, a Kansas City area immigrant rights advocate and lawyer.The mother of two has been involved in immigration rights since high school. After finishing college […]

Women’s History Month: Lopez Galvan pursuing mission of helping the community

By Chara Lisa Lopez Galvan’s love and dedication for her community has inspired her to help many people to pursue their dream jobs.For 15 years, Lopez Galvan worked in the Roeland Park, Kansas, Police Department. Then, the Kansas City, Missouri, native decided to start a new career path.“I was a court clerk and I was […]

Women’s History Month: Acosta helps community through her work at Truman

By Angie Baldelomar Jackie Acosta has been a nurse for 14 years, but she never considered nursing as a career until after graduating college with another degree.“Nursing is my second career,” Acosta said. “I graduated from college and I still kind of wasn’t fulfilled, and (it) kind of took me a little bit to figure […]

Women’s History Month: Gutierrez works to empower Hispanic community in KC

By Angie BaldelomarFor Isabel Gutierrez, education has been at the center of most of her life.A native of Mexico, Gutierrez moved to the Kansas City area when she was 6 years old. Since she was young, she has felt a passion to teach and empower future generations.“That was (always) my passion, to empower the community […]